About me

Carlos Oliveira

Hi, my name is Carlos Oliveira. I am a software developer from Portugal currently living in the lovely city of Leiria. I like finding elegant solutions to hard problems and one of my pleasures is designing useful yet beautiful user interfaces.

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This Blog

This blog is a basically a scratchpad for me to share with the community my thoughts and my experience in several topics like software development, lifestyle, gaming and meditation. At the same time I’m also using this opportunity to learn more about business, blogging and web marketing and hope to share my findings with you, the audience.

My workspace - Carlos Oliveira

My background

I have a degree in Computer Science and have been working in software development ever since finishing college. In my years of experience I have worked for Investment Banking, developed Chat and VoIP systems for the Telecom industry and I am currently working in the Online Insurance market.

For many years, I have worked mainly in Delphi with occasional Java, PHP and web development. At the moment my main focus is with MS Azure and the .Net Framework especially Asp.Net and Html/Javascript Web Development.

I also consider design to be one of my passions as well as usability and have taken courses in Photoshop editing and 3D modeling.

Portuguese is my primary language, but English is a close second and I can also speak some French if pressured to do so.

As a disclaimer, please keep in mind that this blog, its content and opinions are my own.

Feel free to contact me.

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