Is the Oculus Rift a productivity tool?

Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift

Did it ever cross your mind that the Oculus Rift could be used as a productivity tool? Something that could increase your productivity to even higher levels? As a software developer I must confess that I am extremely excited with the launch and all the potential uses of the Oculus Rift.

One of my bigest anoyances as a software developer is the amount of screen real estate that is needed to work effectively. It is downright frustrating having to bump up the screen resolution to the max and decreasing font sizes to see more lines of code. At the end of the day your eyes are the ones that are paying the price.


Using 2 monitors to work is almost indispensable to achieve a decent amount of productivity, but sometimes I feel that I still need more.

Between code windows, file windows, browser windows, console, debug, database, there are a ton of things a developer has to open to be able to work.



This is where the Oculus Rift seems to be an awesome solution to this problem.

Could you imagine, being in a virtual environment able to project an infinite amount of screens?

I’m already picturing it, working in a paradisiac beach as a virtual background and having 4 or 5 virtual screens floating around to do some work.

Oculus Rift beach


Obviously, I wasn’t the first person to think of this. Somebody already invested a considerable amount of time to put together a demo of how such an environment would work.


Better yet, join the Oculus Rift with the Leap Motion and you have a veritable Minority Report in full effect.


Aloha my developer friends, the posibilities are endless.


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