Issues with WordPress update 3.9

Wordpress update to 3.9 was giving several problems

Finding the problem

Having recently updated my blog I noticed that I was having several issues with WordPress update 3.9 more specifically on the Edit Post page.

  • The slug wasn’t working. Clicking the “edit” button to edit slug/permalink did nothing.
  • Several panels were also not even opening, like the “Screen Options” and “WordPress SEO“.

This appeared to be a javascript issue. So, trying to figure out the problem I went to the DevTools on Google Chrome and found the following error on the javascript debugger:

TypeError: postEdit.$connect_translations_dialog.dialog is not a function


Finding the solution

Since I’m using WPML to handle the all translations on this blog,  this seemed to clearly be an issue with this plugin. I was using version 3.1.4 of the WPML plugin, and after some research I found that this version was not ready to work with WordPress 3.9.

However a version 3.1.5 of the plugin was already available but for some reason the update was not showing up on my plugins page.   It makes sense that since WPML is a paid plugin, its updates don’t come from the same repository as the other free plugins.

WPML uses the Installer plugin for automated downloads and upgrades that will automatically appear in your site’s Plugins section.

In a nutshell, Installer allows WordPress to download plugins from commercial sources. This means that themes and plugins that you purchase from companies that use Installer, will appear in your WordPress admin. You can install and upgrade quickly and easily, without wasting time uploading files manually.


Its fairly easy to install, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Installer plugin page and download from there.
  2. Unzip Installer and upload to your site’s ‘wp-contents/plugins’ directory.
  3. Log in to your site, go to Plugins and enable Installer.
  4. Go to Settings->Repositories, locate repo and log in to your account.

And thats it. I could now update WMPL to the latest version and all the problems I was having disappeared.

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